Awake Yet?

You may have heard people talk about waking up, being awake or awakening but what exactly does all that mean? Well as usual there are many different answers to that question from a variety of perspectives. What they all usually boil down to though, is that a person is awake when they have begun to ask and answer questions for themselves, taking personal responsibility rather than relying solely on information from others in the everyday world.

In the course of many of our lives we learn as children how the world works, how people work, what science teaches, what religion teaches and many other things. Then as we get older we begin to find out that there is more than one answer to all of our questions. Many times the answers are based on feelings and perspectives. Sometimes they are based on “facts”, but even facts tend to change from decade to decade as new knowledge is gained through research and experience.

So how does this relate to being awake? Well technically what it relates to is being asleep. When a person is asleep, they are following along with the general trend of conditioning in the world. A person like this will usually be very adamant about the truth of things based on their knowledge of science, religion, philosophy or any number of things which are put out into the world by other people.  But the truth is, that all of these things are put into the world by other people! So how do you know if something is really right for you?

This is where being awake becomes important. Someone who is awake is realizing that finding answers to life’s deepest questions is much more involved than reading a book, following a religion or hanging on the words of your favorite scientific explorer. Finding answers involves deep soul searching and taking personal responsibility for the things we do. After all, what we believe and do in our own lives is what really impacts us the most.

One of the most pervasive beliefs in our world today is that power is gained from an external source. To some this might be money, powerful friends, prestigious titles, fame or even attractiveness, but none of these things actually give a person their power. We have made the world what it is today by buying in to the belief that we have to gain access to power in order to have it. As a person begins to wake from this dream, they find a reality wherein they have already been in possession of the most powerful force in the Universe.

Even physicists in our current time have tried without success to discover the true animating force behind all life. This animating force is what gives each one of us movement, breath, life and the ability to think, feel and act. This is true power. When a person begins to recognize this animating force within them, begins to truly discover what resonates with that force and uses it to begin building the life that fits their soul purpose, that person has awakened.

So how do we awaken? How do we connect with the powerful internal force that exists inside each of us? Check out Wake Up! And other related articles on my blogsite

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