The Purge – A Divine Feminine Roundtable Discussion Featuring Rev. Vyolet Wylde

moving through dimensions

Hi everyone! I just wanted to share a link to the Divine Feminine Roundtable discussion I recently took part in, you can view it here This and all other DFR discussions are hosted by Paula Connor, a Certified Heart Math Practitioner and overall wonderful being who is promoting and supporting the rise of the Divine Feminine with her work. This rountable was attended by Paula, myself and several other Divinely connected Sisters .

The episode focuses on the evolutionary period we are going through reverently termed “The Purge” and viewed from a variety of perspectives. The message includes discussion around how to take responsibility as a leader in the community. It also greatly focuses on plant medicines and how to use them when called, with integrity to your highest benefit. We discuss at length the crucial aspects of a supported medicine journey and also dig into some plant medicine concerns and fair warnings for the starseeds from sisters who are directly in touch with their star communities. Overall it was a wonderful discussion and experience and I highly recommend checking out all of these women online if you are looking to connect with other true, authentic healers in the global community.

Assessing the Year That Was

The moment I wrote “the year that was” my inner voice sounded with an ever familiar phrase “there is only now” and I smile inside. “Of course there is only now” I reply to no one in particular. And yet the traces of the energy of the Now that seems to have gone before linger in seeming memories of a past.

Truly as I look out, all signs point to the New Year, celebrating the opportunity to begin again; a new cycle. The paradox we constantly live ever before me as in one moment the experience of all times and places is felt at once beneath my awareness while the consciousness notices only the chronological movement of time, the patterns and cycles that mark time’s seeming passage. Such it is that a year has passed apparently by, a kaleidoscope of memories available for reflection.

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Imbolc Approaches

Within my soul I gaze out

The windows of my eyes

It is winter

And snow covers the ground

Rugged life bears the cold and wind

Tender life hides beneath the earth

Awaiting the light of the morning sun

To return to the summer of youth

Imbolc approaches

My inner nature rises

Though I yet feel as stone

The cold seeped into my bones

But thaw I will

And move again in youthful grace

Among the vestiges of Spring


Awake Yet?

Discovering You

You may have heard people talk about waking up, being awake or awakening but what exactly does all that mean? Well as usual there are many different answers to that question from a variety of perspectives. What they all usually boil down to though, is that a person is awake when they have begun to ask and answer questions for themselves, taking personal responsibility rather than relying solely on information from others in the everyday world.

In the course of many of our lives we learn as children how the world works, how people work, what science teaches, what religion teaches and many other things. Then as we get older we begin to find out that there is more than one answer to all of our questions. Many times the answers are based on feelings and perspectives. Sometimes they are based on “facts”, but even facts tend to change from decade to decade as new knowledge is gained through research and experience.

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Wake Up!

At least in my own experience, I have heard a number of people express to me how happy they are that they have “woken up”. But there are still plenty of people out there who either haven’t heard this phrase, or have and just don’t know what it really means for them. If you find yourself asking, “Am I awake?” this article might help you discover the truth of that answer for yourself.

So how do you do it? How do you wake up? Are you awake already? The honest truth is that it is a very personal process for everyone. Continue reading “Wake Up!”

What you think = SOMETHING!

Most of the time people make their way in the world daily, without realizing that every single thought they have in addition to every movement, word, behavior, etc. is creating their future moment by moment. Have you ever heard of the butterfly effect?

Butterfly effect

a property of chaotic systems (as the atmosphere) by which small changes in initial conditions can lead to large-scale and unpredictable variation in the future state of the system

This means that scientists have figured out that going into an untapped ecosystem and doing just about anything effects large scale changes which could wreak havoc. From it, they surmised that going back in time and doing one single thing, even moving a leaf on the ground, would alter the future irreparably. They have called it The Butterfly Effect and given it a definition that gives us a clue about what we can do with this property of cause and effect. I have learned that by looking at things a variety of ways, they tend to take on a different meaning and quality, sometimes for the better. For instance, to science, the small changes lead to large-scale and unpredictable variation, but what if one was accounting for the changes they were making and forecasting them so that they could have a good prediction of future outcomes? Continue reading “What you think = SOMETHING!”