Assessing the Year That Was

The moment I wrote “the year that was” my inner voice sounded with an ever familiar phrase “there is only now” and I smile inside. “Of course there is only now” I reply to no one in particular. And yet the traces of the energy of the Now that seems to have gone before linger in seeming memories of a past.

Truly as I look out, all signs point to the New Year, celebrating the opportunity to begin again; a new cycle. The paradox we constantly live ever before me as in one moment the experience of all times and places is felt at once beneath my awareness while the consciousness notices only the chronological movement of time, the patterns and cycles that mark time’s seeming passage. Such it is that a year has passed apparently by, a kaleidoscope of memories available for reflection.

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Imbolc Approaches

Within my soul I gaze out

The windows of my eyes

It is winter

And snow covers the ground

Rugged life bears the cold and wind

Tender life hides beneath the earth

Awaiting the light of the morning sun

To return to the summer of youth

Imbolc approaches

My inner nature rises

Though I yet feel as stone

The cold seeped into my bones

But thaw I will

And move again in youthful grace

Among the vestiges of Spring