“Vyolet and I have been working together on clearing some ancient "beings" from my property and surrounding area. I am in total gratitude for the work she does. She is grounded and powerful with her communications and she a sweet pleasure to work with! I so highly recommend her to you”

Krista – Phoenix

“I have had the pleasure of working with Vyolet on several occasions, whereupon she connected to my etheric body and related its information to me. I was able to receive information about:

-Cultivating my own relationship with my etheric body
-How I might better develop my physical health
-How I could establish a connection with my I AM presence
-How to detoxify my pineal gland
-Different potentialities regarding major life decisions
-Different crystals that would help facilitate changes I wanted to make

Working with Vyolet was a very enriching experience! She is very patient and willing to work with you where you are to get the results that will best lead to the growth and re-balancing of your whole self. I am a repeat customer, and the quality service(s) I receive each time have value far beyond the cost!

I highly recommend a consultation with Vyolet for all of your metaphysical desires.”

Darwin - Macomb

“Vyolet is a beautiful, gifted and light-filled healer! I have worked with her primarily via distance, and she was able to both access information that I needed to help me better understand my situation, as well as move energy to help me feel lighter and more at ease. I had been caring full-time for a friend with ALS who was in the process of crossing over, and Vyolet was able to provide me with guidance, support and also help us both move energy so his crossing could be lighter for us both. She also was a great support to me via distance sessions in the weeks after his passing, helping me to understand how to take the steps I needed to move with and through my grief.

Vyolet is such a gift as a light worker, and I highly recommend her for energy work, intuitive readings, and support with connecting to spirit.”

Sharna – Santa Fe

“Vyolet came to my home to work with my Border Collie that was experiencing massive seizures. She is caring, gentle, intuitive and compassionate as a person as well as a healer. I recommend Vyolet highly for her services!!”

Krista - Awhatukee