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There are times when we are led places and don’t really know why or what we might even be looking for. Perhaps this is one of those times. Perhaps this is why you are here! The place where you are right now is Involuxion. You say it like, In-vu-loo-shun. And it describes a journey of healing that is open to every person no matter who they are or what state their life is in. Many times the call for Involuxion is coming from the most wounded spirit, those who have experienced the deepest traumas. These traumas separate us from who we really are inside. They create a rift in our personalities and affect the behavioral and thereby the physiological aspects of our lives on a deep level. They create the very imbalances in the brain that cause depression and many other psychiatric ailments that bring with them suffering and chronic pain. There is a way to change that for yourself. It is not an easy way, it is not always a straightforward way, but with the right guide and a receptive will, the journey can take your life in a new direction and open your eyes to new possibilities for the future.



Shamanic Work

Shamanic work includes many ancient tools to facilitate healing and growth. Through guidance, ceremony, ritual and natural therapies, individuals can come to a place of deep healing and peace, discover their soul path and truly walk in the greatness of their unique journey

Trauma Recovery

Trauma can be the root cause of many of life’s difficulties. Parapsychologist Vyolet Wylde guides individuals in understanding how trauma impacts body, mind and spirit and how to recover from the past to reach your most abundant future

Energy Healing

Experience refreshment and renewal through a combination of therapeutic techniques including Reiki, Quantum Touch, Aura Massage, Chakra Cleansing and Balancing, Aromatherapy and more!

Services Overview

Sometimes certain services can seem almost magical or mystifying. In reality the mystery lies in the energy behind what is being done, while the implements or media used act as tools which skilled thoughts and hands can manipulate to produce a helpful outcome.

“You already hold the key…”

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About Us


The world in which we live seems to constantly present difficult situations. In some cases these are personal, and other times it can feel as though the world itself is exploding with scenes of chaos, crime and discontent that leave us anxious and worried. How do children learn positive coping skills in a society where they witness so much struggle and difficulty even at home?  Coping skills for life many times amount to quick fixes, pleasures and distractions. Religious or spiritual philosophies which promise salvation from the pain of life are for some, an obvious choice for coping. Others resort to therapy and medicines that leave them wondering when they are going to get better. For others there seems to be nothing that will quiet the dismay and overwhelming sense of something going wrong on a daily basis.

The true challenge with difficulty lies in the belief that all is external and we are ultimately victims of circumstance, tossed about on a sea of chance. That issue disappears completely when we realize this is not true, and finally take control of our own lives. We can understand the “sea of chance” and learn to navigate it. We can find a new knowing and learn to take control, take responsibility and be the people we know we are inside. This is Involuxion at its best. Through it we find a better future and live a better now. We understand ourselves and discover our personal mission and reason for being in the world. We realize who we truly are and where our power really comes from. Ultimately through Involuxion we discover the secret that is not secret and the way to a life of happiness and abundance.

Vyolet’s Story

Vyolet Wylde is an Intuitive Empath and Clairvoyant who is also a Minister of Metaphysics with a background in formal psychology. Having obtained several degrees and certifications, she works as a Spiritual Counselor, Reiki Master, Energy Therapist and Intuitive Psychic for her personal clients on a regular basis. Vyolet draws from a rich understanding in psychology as well as a deep spiritual mission to promote and support awakening of individuals to their true nature.

As a child, Vyolet was sequestered to a small mountaintop home in Spokane Valley Washington with her family who was part of a deeply religious group. During this time of her life, she was not exposed to modern music, culture, or television; spending a great deal of time in the outdoors, at work and in prayer. For many years of her life, Vyolet was unaware that the visits she received from various beings and those who had passed on were uncommon to others. Her intuitive and empathic skills earned her favor in groups of friends who often sought her out for advice. In her late 20’s, Vyolet broke away from the religious group and experienced a deeply existential awakening. She began to recognize her abilities were much less common than she had ever imagined, and went on a journey of discovery which led her through studies in Behavioral Health Sciences, Metaphysical Psychology, Ancient Occult Science, Intuitive Healing, Remote Viewing, Reiki Training, Quantum Touch and training in Magick and Tarot. Owing to her past experiences, Vyolet incorporated a business where she presently works to assist others in the path to spiritual liberation and self-awareness. She brings her entire skill set to you in an effort to assist with the many questions and challenges of life.

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